This is the Genealogy of the Sills Family of Kentucky. I intend it for the information and enjoyment of our family, and not for general public use. It is the result of over 40 years of research of my ancestors. Much has been copied from work published on the Internet by others and not all verified by me. I'm sure there are mistakes, but it is info that I have repeatedly studied.

Just five generations require 32 people. When you consider that each person has 23 pairs of chromosomes, half from his/her father and half from the mother, and there are 2  combinations for each 23 pairs possible in the gamete, each chromosome has been the product of a mindboggling number of combinations passed down through the years. With that in mind, we can forgive our shortcomings as an unlucky role of the dice, and fearlessly look at our past.

Please inform me of any mistakes you find. I suggest that you start on the menu with "Genealogist Lament" to understand my feelings about this endeavor.

 Use the back and forward arrows as you would on any web site. The menu will always be at the top or side of the page you are viewing, and clicking on a specific item will get you to it. Clicking on an individual name (in most sections) will show information recorded in my records.  Clicking on "Charts" in the menu  will show the pedigree ancestry of specific individuals.

I have added a relationship indicator using one of my children or a child of each of my children. That way, siblings of that person will have the same relationship. I've also added Sheila's ancestry link as a "green tree" icon, and ancestors of Magalene Nix as a "red tree" icon. All ancestor icons will be identified, including children listed to make it easier to follow your Family Tree. I am trying very hard to add families of spouses and would like information, pictures, etc sent to me. The "pop-up pedigree" icon on an individual's page is helpful and will show a short pedigree of that particular person.

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Parents and g-parents of James G Sills
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Ancestors of James G Sills
Ancestors of Sheila Sills
Ancestors of Magalene Nix